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Personal Training Mentorship is an organization dedicated to teaching personal trainers to be the very best they possibly can be. The PTM works with students of all levels, whether they have certifications or are brand new to the fitness industry.

The personal training industry is in shambles and needs improvement. Our focus is on making personal trainers qualified, not just certified. With that said, our certification process is more stringent than most other organizations. It is important for us that the fitness industry has a certain standard. For this reason, we believe in ensuring students are taught properly and truly understand the material. We vet students by providing a 3-part exam, which takes time, discipline and a love for this craft. In the end, we believe we produce qualified personal trainers, which is what the industry needs more of.

Additionally, PTM works with PT brands by improving various facets of their business to help increase revenue. We strive to help your business succeed.

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